I never leave the FOB without it. It is as much an essential as my rifle is  when I go out on a mission I know I can depend on my DUSTAR just as much as I can depend on my Rifle and fellow soldier  

 SSG Matlock Kristopher




"Just received your knife and all I can say is I love it! I'm honored and thrilled to have such well-built beauty in my collection. Thank you for all of your help."

Daniel Lewer                                      Texas      

" I picked up my knife this morning and I can not say enough good about it. It is just
what I imagined and more. The blade cutting edges are straight as an arrow and the
bevels are symmetrical. I like the feel of the grip; it is conforms my hand very nicely and just feel good. The finish and the fit are excellent. Hey,what morecan I say.I doubt that
I will go out and put it through a torture test like Howard Linett did but in reading the
article I feel I can trust his test to know it will perform if ever necessary."

Dave Black.                                                                                                     



"While I do not profess to be a knife expert by any means, I have used a variety of similar knife, from K-Bar's to Randall's, under sometimes rather trying conditions. The high quality and sturdiness of your own knife is readily apparent and I am very pleased both with it and the knowledge that it is an instrument I can trust my life with. Again Hani, I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to response to my inquiries and orders and the manner in which you have done so. Your professionalism is exemlary. "

John D. Harkins                                                                                                Missouri

" The fit and finish of the Model 1-Arad is excellent. It is an outstanding knife, exactly as described on your web site.  I wish I had something like it when I was in the service. I'm looking forward to using it although not to the extent Mr. Linett of Tactical Knives magazine did. Once again, thank you very much for your prompt attention to my order." 

Michael McCamley                                                                                            Missouri



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