The DUSTAR Model 1 - Arad is the first-ever fixed-blade, heavy duty, all purpose utility/field/combat knife conceived, designed, tested, perfected and manufactured entirely in Israel.The knife was manufactured entirely by CNC technology.

Based on a classic design on the one hand and on extensive practical combat and outdoors experience on the other hand, this premium quality knife is made from the best materials and manufactured to the most demanding standards in the metal processing industry.

The knife was designed by Alex Shamgar, a renowned Israeli custom knife designer and maker; and manufactured by Sherutay Erozia, an ISO 9001:2000 certified manufacturer of molds and dies since 1984.

Perfect fit & finish

Perfect fit & finish

Perfect fit & finish


The blade
The 7" blade of this superb knife is made of D2 steel (RC 56-57 hardness), one of the toughest, best steels known to the tools industry.

The blade was subject to extreme
durability tests, normally not expected
during even a lifetime of service. These included hard blows against a D2 block,which was consequently deeply marked,but left no scratch on the blade.

knife, sheath & lanyard
knife, sheath & lanyard

Extreme strength & durability
Extreme strength & durability

The handle
The handle of the DUSTAR Model
 1 - Arad is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon - the apex of strength, durability, and practicality.

The handle is attached the blade by twohardened steel pins that would not loosen even under the most demanding conditions.

Blade models

  • Plain - with false back edge
  • Military & Police - with sharpened back edge.

- Black-T™ coating available.
- Weight: 502 grams

Made in Israel from premium D2 steel
     Made in Israel from premium D2 steel.       The caption made by E.D.M tecnology.



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